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Defense Attorney Joseph R. Benfante
Joseph R. Benfante

The Law Offices of Joseph R. Benfante, P.C. offers over thirty years of experience in the Criminal Defense field. We are a full service firm, addressing all of our clients needs ranging from pre-indictment investigations, up to and including the appellate process at both the federal and state level.

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Our firm has handled every facet of criminal law ranging from the most complex White Collar Offenses, namely Securities, Tax, Health Care, Labor and Mortgage Fraud, to international and local narcotics and RICO offenses. Additionally, our office also provides representation for those charged with felony and misdemeanor offenses such as Homicide and DWI.

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Our vast array of criminal cases allows us to remain on the cutting edge within our field, while providing our clients with the economically efficient service they deserve.

The Law Offices of Jospeh R. Benfante, P.C. has been time tested and prides itself on obtaining optimum results for our clients. Our office has represented people from all walks of life, including judges, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, union officials, medical professionals, accountants, CEO's of major corporations, and entertainers, in some of the most highly publicized cases of our time. We place great emphasis on the attorney-client relationship, which remains the hallmark to our continued success.

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